Liz Grauman Nolan
Author of
The Turnaround Time

Author of The Turnaroumd Time

Having discovered her mystical gifts 

 at a very young age, 

Liz has been assisting others 

for over 30 years in their journeys

of self discovery, growth and healing.

Her unique and intense other worldly sessions are  

 deeply penetrating, insightful and truly life changing.

Liz's sessions open a gateway 

where poignant information is revealed 

enabling transformation, clarity, healing, and 

deep understanding which defines purpose 

and a sense of connection 

with one's own heart, soul, highest path and calling.

Liz is the author of 

The  Turnaround Time

A Twin Soul Journey From Atlantis

where she outlines in detail the splitting of the

One Soul into Twin Souls/Twin Flames and their journey to unification.

Her "Twin Soul Trauma " sessions  detail the unique splitting of the soul, and imprinted traumas affecting union now,

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