Liz Grauman Nolan
Author of
The Turnaround Time

Author of The Turnaroumd Time

Healing Services Offered

All sessions can be done in person, phone, Skype or FaceTime

Channeled Readings

Liz offers in depth channeled, highly detailed readings 

from higher wisdom, angels and guides.

Your true purpose and deepest lessons are conveyed.  

These readings clarify, enlighten, awaken, and energize, 

 sparking soul based memory of 

why you are here and who you are.


Every single person has a purpose 

and knowing what it is 

can awaken the memory of how to live 

in the highest place of your being. 

Liz is also an adept Medium. 

 Often these sessions will inspire visits by loved ones 

that have crossed over into the afterlife.

  Liz will not only convey their words to you,

she will assist them to find the Light

and heal their own souls.

Sessions are highly personalized, 

rich in detail and intensely transformational 

 She conveys an intimate understanding 

and acceptance of each person 

creating a safe and loving atmosphere. 

Liz is a very clear channel with 34 years of experience. 

This is truly her forte and life calling.

 Be prepared for a life changing experience.

These sessions can be done on Facetime, Skype or Phone

Energy Healing

In person only

Liz's unique angelic style of Energy Healing 

came to her from guiding angels at the age of 22.

All levels of healing are addressed:

physical, spiritual, and emotional and has the 

unique quality of unmistakable angelic influence. 

The heart is awakened, the body is catalyzed to heal, 

and pathways are opened for receiving healing 

long after sessions are complete.

Channeled messages are sprinkled throughout Energy Healing.


 Loved ones who have crossed over 

often appear with personal messages.

Twin Soul Trauma Readings

The One Became Two and the Two Become One.

In the beginning, the soul split into opposite polarity halves 

to enter earthly bodies:

Yin and Yang.

Regardless of the sex of the body,

the soul half retained it's dominant quality.

The Initial Split from within the soul

created trauma and unrest for all of time.

Knowing the circumstances, and emotions 

in the initial split now- creates a pathway 

for healing all relationships

whether with the Twin Flame or not.

These sessions will unveil 

the Initial Separation Trauma 

"Twin Soul Trauma"

and pertinent information that will release 

long held core relationship issues.

They will also help one to learn to

recognize if a person is the Twin

and-or how to magnetize the Twin forward.

Readings can be done for  

Twin flame/Twin Soul couples  

 to deepen the understanding of the issues

 stemming from the Initial Split 

and separation trauma

from each other.

These sessions are filled 

with teaching about the 

Twin flame reunification process

and ways to end separation.

Liz is married to her Twin flame. 

She has currently the author of

The Turnaround Time

about her own Initial split from him in Atlantis.

Sessions Can be done via Phone, Skype or Facetime

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Soul Retrievals

The Shamanic Healing Art of The Soul Retrieval 

enables the integration of loss or missing parts of the soul 

which have been shut down due to dissociation, stress, trauma, illness, 

emotional suppression, or difficult passages in life. 

This shamanic practice opens a pathway 

to bring back the missing pieces.

These mystical and relaxing sessions help in 

restoring wholeness within quickly. 


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To Schedule a Session

All sessions are $250

Please pay through Paypal below and 

write in the notes section which service you desire.

Include your email or phone number 

and Liz will text or email you session times.  

Payment Options

Checks or cash are accepted in person. 

For long distance sessions,

 PayPal is accepted (see links below), 

or Venmo (search for Liz Nolan). 

Payment is expected right after booking your session.

To book your spot, pay on paypal or venmo, and email to schedule. 


A $3.50 fee is added if using Pay Pal. If you have a Paypal account with a balance in it, usually you can do a direct transfer without a fee.