Liz Grauman Nolan
Author of
The Turnaround Time

Author of The Turnaroumd Time

"Hi Liz, Well, you completely blew me away today--and it's so wonderful, I found myself with a happy smile on my face all day... I have so much more energy today and I feel so free. I had really been feeling so dark and depressed. You are such a gifted and compassionate healer! I felt completely safe and comfortable with you. Thank you for a wonderful healing experience!"
 Liz Matthews

"Liz- you did it again-today was the best I felt after seeing a medium since my first session with you...thank you"
Frank Grande

"Elizabeth Grauman is one of the clearest mediums I have encountered, and I have known many in my 62 years....".
Carol Marie

"Words cannot express how much you have helped me progress....I have never experienced a space as loving as the one that you provide, and it truly does promote healing and growth"

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful healing session you shared with me. The session was actually quite fun,  yet profoundly healing and incredibly accurate.  I have interacted with many  channelers and healers over the years, and found you to be quite strong.
Marilyn Barry

"Just wanted to thank u again. Its so amazing....I'm looking in the mirror and I see....ME! It almost looks like a different person.Thank you!"
Marina Smargiannakis 

"I still can't believe something that monumental happened ... just wanted you to know that I really do feel like I stepped out of that "suit"--feeling light and happy and in spite of pain, etc feel so much more like myself - don't have that deep lethargy that kept me from doing anything - it's like the windshield is clean. I was snoozing this morning and thought : "I feel so happy"
Eileen W

"Hey Liz! I just wanted to share that I re- listened to the reading you did for me last month. It really sunk in deep .... I just wanted to say thank you for being such a clear medium."
Caroline Brock

"Thank you for my reading. It was the best reading that I had ever had. So happy you got me before I lost my mind. God Bless you!
Debbie Coyler