Liz Grauman Nolan
Author of
The Turnaround Time

Author of The Turnaroumd Time


The Turnaround Time

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The Turnaround Time

A Twin Soul Journey From Atlantis

 This is the untold story of how the soul splits at incarnation and then rejoins itself again. 

I have full past life memories of 7 lifetimes including the initial separation from my own Twin Flame (also termed “Twin Soul” by my guides) just before our first incarnation in Atlantis. The great destruction in Atlantis and the descent into darkness is detailed, as well as the telling story of the splitting of our soul and it’s progression through all our lifetimes to the present time. The present time, termed: “TheTurnaround Time” is a reversal of the darkness that took over our planet in Atlantis. The movement back to Twin Flames for full Soul Reunification is the way this reversal can complete itself. My reunification process with my own Twin is shared in full as a way for others to understand their own paths. Much of the story is told from my time in between lives visiting and remembering the different lifetimes and seeing how the trauma of “the Initial Split” from the Twin in the first incarnation carries through to all incarnations, and affects each person in all time, in all ways, in all situations, and in all relationships. My many magical conversations with guides discussing the true purpose of Twin Flames, the lessons, and how to heal the whole soul is sprinkled throughout....

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